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Riddim Works

Caribbean Carnival Painting Series Ongoing Continue reading

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Carnival Series 3

Here is another piece I have started.  I need to work faster and spend more time painting than designing!

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I’m Painting Mas!

After carnival is over… what shall you do with that costume. Why not have your portrait painted in it! It will last longer than that costume ever will and be the center piece of discussion while hanging in your home.

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Painting Mas Official Logo

It took a while but I finally have a logo design that I like to represent me and my paintings.  I hope everyone likes it too! Now it is time to get some more work done.

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Ms Mitchell – portrait

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Carnival Series 2 – Update

BOOM! For more –> Go to my site

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Carnival Series 1

This is the first painting in the series.  I re-learned so much about paint and process that I had forgot and the mistakes made in this one will be remembered for the next ones.

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Carnival Series 2

Now that I am back to painting, I decided to work on a series of paintings focusing on Caribbean Carnival.  I love the pageantry  and Soca Music.  Here is a current image I am working on in oil.  

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“I am the Kwisatz Haderach, and that is reason enough.”

Just a place to share my work as I try to get back on track painting after a 10 year layoff.

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